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In Ulvila, on the southwest coast of Finland, the core of the economic life is formed by a network of nearly 40 automation, special equipment and robotics companies, whose future looks bright as the global robotisation trend gains more traction. The growing group of companies includes everything from large export companies to small specialists, such as

For example, the very international Cimcorp and its gantry robot systems for intralogistics have revolutionised the entire global tyre industry. Sermatech engineers machines and devices for various industries and develops production and assembly cells. Sermatech's knowhow also covers the machine vision solutions of automated production processes, special device and special conveyor applications as well as their combinations. Permanent magnets, manufactured by Neorem Magnets Oy, are used for example in the motor systems of modern elevators and paper machines, ships' propeller systems and wind generators. Satmatic manufactures every year over 2,500 different automation centre entities for the Finnish market alone. Satmatic's excellent knowhow in electrical engineering and automation for the demanding industries also extends to the realm of solar power, all the way to megawatt level power plants. With mostly multinational companies as its customers, Ficolo operates in the 8,500 m2 bedrock cave network formerly owned by the Finnish army, and the company is Finland's first data centre company that offers colocation services. The list could go on and on. 

The municipality of Ulvila engages in close and practical collaboration with the area's automation companies. Additionally, the municipality of Ulvila has networked on the national level with automation and robotics companies and it also engages in e.g. the preparatory work for Finland's robotisation strategy.  

Knowhow in automation and robotics is a strategic key factor in our region's success now and in the future. The collaboration and development of the automation network also has a positive effect on the success of companies in other industries. Satakunta University of Applied Sciences has made the automation and robotics industry as well as its development one if its three main areas of focus and the automation cluster in the Ulvila region has a strong presence in the centre of these activities. In Ulvila, this gives companies in the industry several additional resources and as such, competitive advantages in the national and particularly the international markets. Sataedu's local vocational training in automation also supports this development. 

"Ulvila is a fantastic location for automation companies. A strong collaboration network of people with competent skills has been formed in the course of decades. There is a great community spirit and powerful trust between us," says Sermatech Oy's CEO Markku Uusitalo.

 Be smart - locate in Ulvila!

 Mayor Jukka Moilanen and Mikko Puputti, Business Agent for the City of Ulvila, give more details.

 The automation concentration of Ulvila was born in the beginning of the 1980s when Rosenlew Oy decided to move its own automation unit into a new industrial building constructed in Ulvila. Rosenlew Automation Oy (later Cimcorp Oy) expanded and developed its own product family with robots and colour machines. The automation business grew and soon several subcontractors set up operations near Cimcorp in Ulvila. These subcontractors later developed into companies that offer their own products and services. Some of the companies still work as subcontractors, efficiently producing various components and services to meet the needs of several international turnkey providers. Long client and collaboration relationships guarantee efficient cooperation.

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